Why You Should Choose Microdermabrasion with ARA Aesthetics

There is lots of anti-wrinkle treatments on the market, but not all of them also offer a brighter, more radiant complexion too.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment which can help to treat all kinds of skin imperfections but can also help to refresh the skin and make it look younger too.

microdermabrasion on a womenMicro
For microdermabrasion, Liverpool has one of the top clinics, ARA Aesthetics, who use one of the best skincare devices in the world today, Mesotherm.

Whether you’re looking to revitalise your skin, or banish unwanted lines and wrinkles, here’s why you should choose microdermabrasion with ARA Aesthetics.

Gentle on the skin

Microdermabrasion doesn’t use surgery or any other kind of invasive techniques, and the recovery is quick and painfree.

Treatments are typically completed in just 30-40 minutes and you won’t need to set aside any recovery time, so you can just get on with the rest of your day.

Some people experience a temporary reddening or sensitivity following microdermabrasion; a good moisturiser can help to complement the treatment as well as cool and soothe the skin. This effect is only temporary and only mild in the majority of cases.

Convenient location

ARA Aesthetics offer microdermabrasion from their clinic in Liverpool, harnessing the very best of the technology available on the market.

Mesotherm is widely regarded as one of the most exclusive devices which delivers the very best results, using a variety of processes to smooth, rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

This piece of cutting edge equipment is produced by Italian firm Biotech, but now you don’t need to travel halfway across the continent to experience high-quality results. ARA Aesthetics are licensed to use this device in their Liverpool clinic, with treatments administered by a team of highly skilled Aestheticians.

Take action before the damage is done

Although there are some excellent anti-wrinkle treatments available, the best results come when you take extra care of your skin before lines start to form.

You’re never too young to benefit from microdermabrasion and having regular treatments is the best way to keep your skin looking youthful and feeling smooth.

Whether you have wrinkles you want to soften, or whether you just want a tighter skin with a radiant glow, microdermabrasion can produce outstanding results.

Proven to work

Microdermabrasion isn’t a new concept; even the ancient Egyptians were known to exfoliate and peel their skin!

The modern interpretation of this concept, microdermabrasion, was originally developed in 1985 and quickly spread globally, delivering low-risk results without the need for invasive surgery.

Sun damage, age spots, acne scarring, wrinkles and a poor complexion can all be treated with microdermabrasion, leaving your skin looking flawless and glowing from within.

Contact ARA Aesthetics today for a no-obligation consultation and discover how fabulous you could look

Hair Salon vs. Barber Shop

There is often a huge debate over which place is better, the hair salon or the barber shop. However, the actual answer all depends on what it is that you would like to have done to your hair. The employees who work at either a salon or shop have had to take courses to learn how to properly cut hair, but there are some differences between the two.

Hair Salon

When to Choose a Salon

A hair salon is ideal for women and men who are looking for a bit more than just a quick cut. They may want to have their hair dyed or even highlighted with different colors. The stylists who work at a salon have spent hours learning different coloring techniques to use on their clients who are looking for a change. The salon may have plenty of different dye colors to choose from too, including traditional colors, bright colors, and pastels.

Although a salon is often the place to go when you want to have your hair dyed, get professional hair highlights, hair color change but, it is also the kind of place you want to visit when you need to have it styled a certain way. For example, if you are going to a formal event, you may want to have your long locks curled and styled in a beautiful updo that looks elegant and classy. In that case, seeing a stylist who knows how to work with your hair would be the best option.

Barber Shop

When to Choose the Barbershop

Much like stylists at a salon, there are a lot of skilled professionals who work at barbershops. However, the barbershop is the kind of place you want to visit when you are looking to get your hair cut and even shaped up on the sides. It is often ideal for men to visit these kinds of shops for pompadour cuts and other neat styles, including fades with intricate designs. Along with a neat short style, the professionals may trim down the eyebrows, beard, and mustache for men too.

If you need to figure out which place is better, simply decide what you would like to have done. If you want your hair dyed and styled, it is best to go to a local hair salon that has plenty of good ratings and reviews. However, if you are looking for a short cut or fade in a relaxing atmosphere, the barbershop is definitely the place to visit.

The Brazilian

Brazilian waxing has become one of the most popular styles of waxing as it is found to be efficient and last for a long time. It is an intimate hair removal technique typically used to remove all the hair in the pubic area. This method allows both women and men to wear their swimwear comfortable as it gets rid of all the unwanted hair that can embarrass an individual. In most cases, Brazilian wax lasts for three to six weeks before the hair begins to grow again. This article highlights some of the main factors that determine the Brazilian wax starts.

Type of wax

Soft wax usually has a lot of pain as the hair is being ripped out; hence, most salons prefer hard wax because it has less pain. It takes a longer time if hard wax is used since it breaks all the hair above the follicles. On the other hand, soft wax has more pain but it does not cut all the hair present in the follicles. In case you can sustain the pain, it is advisable to ask your beauty salon to use the soft wax.

Waxing regularity

Brazilian wax frequently pulls hair from the follicles and this will determine how long the waxing will last. The follicles always take a longer time to replace the hair when you wax regularly. After repeated Brazilian wax application, it takes up to eight weeks before the hair grows while others do not grow hair at all. We suggest you find an expert esthetician that specialized in this area. Finding a good Brazilian waxing spa or sugaring expert can be tricky to find, but with a little online research you find one with a good reputation.


When it comes to hair growth, the age of a person becomes an important factor as younger people have a faster rate of hair growth than old people. Young people are thus expected to wax regularly than older people. Since the rate of growth of hair decreases with age, the Brazilian wax hence lasts longer on older people than young people. The longer the lasting period of Brazilian wax the better for an individual.

Food and temperature

Temperature is an interesting factor that determines how the Brazilian wax will last in the body. Low temperature reduces the rate of growth hence hair grows faster in high temperature than in low temperature. It is because of this reason that many people prefer the Brazilian wax during winter seasons. Foods that are rich in omega-3 like nuts, salmon, and beans that contribute to a great deal of the hair growth. Regular eating this type of food will require you to go for another Brazilian wax after a short time.

Having known about Brazilian wax and how durable it can take, why don’t you give it a try if it can turn out to be one of your best waxing treatments. For first timers, it takes a short period of time before the hair starts growing again. I want to thank the owner of Waxing and Skincare by Celeste of El Cajon – Celeste Andrade for allowing me to get more information on Brazilian waxing for my article.

Getting a Male Brazilian Wax

male brazilian manzilian

Brazilian wax is commonly associated with mostly associated with women, but these days gentlemen are also lining up to get this hair removal service done too.  Waxing is one way to help men remove any wanted hair in their pubic area. For those men who are debating the issue of getting their manzilian here are some tips to help you out.

Being Ready

Don’t shave – If you come in with short hair the process will be more tedious and more painful. Having very long hair can also be more painful when coming in for your manscaping services. The ideal length for waxing should be 3-6 weeks after shaving or your previous wax session. Shaving will also make you hair grow thicker which will also make your root thicker which leads to more pain and sometimes minor bleeding. Remember too long or too short will be more painful.

Make things casual – Coming in for your waxing services can be awkward for men coming in their first time, but try to stay calm and treat it like a doctor’s visit. Your esthetician should make you fell comfortable and explain what she will be doing. Just remember waxing spas who offer male Brazilians are pros at what they do so please let them do their job.

Fight the fear of the unknown – Remember that your esthetician will have to position you in certain positions and have to touch you too. Many times she will ask you to help her by holding yourself a certain way in order to minimize pain. Just remember you will be naked. Just remember if you do get an erection, it could be embarrassing for both you and your esthetician so be prepared mentally.

The pros

Feel Sexy and Hairless – Many men come for brozilians because they fell sexy and can also increase their confidence. Many times women will come in with their girlfriend or wives to get this procedure done. A lot of the times women prefer their men clean and hairless.

No more hair mess – One thing is for sure, being cleaned up is simply better looking than a hairy mess.

The cons

It can be expensive – The procedures do not come easy for the pocket. An investment has to be made to have regular waxing. If you simply add it in your budget it is not too bad. The other alternative is laser or electrolysis which can be very expensive o shaving. Many people do suffer from bumps, razor burns or even ingrown hairs. Those problems can lead other expenses too.

Naked – Some men are simply too embarrassed to put themselves in a situation like this. If you are not open to the idea, then you don’t have another alternative. If you feel the need to get this procedure done, nothing will stand in your way.

When looking to get a male Brazilian wax make sure to find out who are the top waxing spas in your area and ask about their services. Not all spas offer male waxing so call before going. Look for spas that are known for their waxing and go with an open mind. Remember to prepare your skin before getting your waxing done. Many times spas do offer discounts for multiple services so ask and you might save a few dollars! Please visit http://waxingbyceleste.com/ to find out about some men’s waxing services they offer.