Getting A Male Brazilian Wax

Brazilian wax is commonly associated with mostly associated with women, but these days gentlemen are also lining up to get this hair removal service done too. Waxing is one way to help men remove any wanted hair in their pubic area. For those men who are debating the issue of getting their male Brazilian wax or manzilian here are some tips to help you out.

Being Ready

Don’t shave – If you come in with short hair the process will be more tedious and more painful. Having very long hair can also be more painful when coming in for your manscaping services. The ideal length for waxing should be 3-6 weeks after shaving or your previous wax session. Shaving will also make you hair grow thicker which will also make your root thicker which leads to more pain and sometimes minor bleeding. Remember too long or too short will be more painful.

Make things casual – Coming in for your waxing services can be awkward for men coming in their first time, but try to stay calm and treat it like a doctors visit. Your esthetician should make you fell comfortable and explain what she will be doing. Just remember waxing spas who offer male Brazilians are pros at what they do so please let them do their job.

Fight the fear of the unknown – Remember that your esthetician will have to position you in certain positions and have to touch you too. Many times she will ask you to help her by holding yourself a certain way in order to minimize pain. Just remember you will be naked. Just remember if you do get an erection, it could be embarrassing for both you and your esthetician so be prepared mentally.

The pros

Feel Sexy and Hairless – Many men come for brozilians because they fell sexy and can also increase their confidence. Many times women will come in with their girlfriend or wives to get this procedure done. A lot of the times women prefer their men clean and hairless.

No more hair mess – One thing is for sure, being cleaned up is simply better looking than a hairy mess.

The cons
It can be expensive – The procedures do not come easy for the pocket. An investment has to be made to have regular waxing. If you simply add it in your budget it is not too bad. The other alternative is laser or electrolysis which can be very expensive o shaving. Many people do suffer from bumps, razor burns or even ingrown hairs. Those problems can lead other expenses too.

Naked – Some men are simply too embarrassed to put themselves in a situation like this. If you are not open to the idea, then you don’t have another alternative. If you feel the need to get this procedure done, nothing will stand in your way.

When looking to get a male Brazilian wax make sure to find out who are the top waxing spas in your area and ask about their services. Not all spas offer male waxing so call before going. Look for spas that are known for their waxing and go with an open mind. Remember to prepare your skin before getting your waxing done. Many times spas do offer discounts for multiple services so ask and you might save a few dollars!